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One Website,Multiple Devices

A great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes

E-Commerce Website Solutions is designed to promote your Brand and Sell Your Product and services .Successful E-Commerce software solutions deliver an optimal shopping experience for targeted prospects. Shoppers using desktop or mobile devices expect a seamless, online shopping excursion. Our solutions create fast, easy browsing and simple ordering and checkout process.

Safe and Secure: Secure Websites Security and privacy breaches often damage company's reputations. Breaches also affect your server's operation and may lead to significant business losses. We take security as a priority and will get your E-Commerce security needs covered.

Fast & Effective Shopping Cart

We have experience in working with Amazon, Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, osCommerce, Magento, X-Cart and custom-built shopping cart applications. From our experience designing dozens of E-Commerce stores, we generally recommend open source or proprietary shopping cart software. However, each client is unique, and we will learn more about your specific needs before making a recommendation or developing fully Customized Solutions.

We know your business is unique and that's why we have developers that are capable of building custom solutions that can integrate with your existing business operations.

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Store Management

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Inventory Management

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Order Management

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Content Management

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Design & Personalization

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Payment & Logistics

Deliver a Truly Connected Shopping Experience with Pixori E-Commerce solutions

Need a simple and cost-effective e-commerce solution for your business? Our online Shop will help you to sell products or take bookings, and deliver orders using integrated payment services.

Do you need to manage orders and inventory distribution centers, stores, dropship partners, and more?

We implement Magento order Management solutions that coordinates your consumer’s experience across all sales and fulfilment channels, gathering information from each and orchestrating optimal rules and processes for each individual order.

Magento order management solutions It has distributed order management, fulfillment, inventory management, payment, tax and analytics capabilities, purpose built to give your customer a seamless experience across any of your channels.



Store Network

Store Networrk

Dropship Network

Internal & External Fulfillment Network

You can implement Magento Commerce Order Management as a modular, or fully integrated solution. Contact us on: to discuss this further.

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Need a simple and cost-effective e-commerce solution for your business?